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Perniagaan Mudim Zakaria (MUDIM) was founded by Haji Zakaria Bin Arshad, also known as Mudim Zakaria. Starting with traditional medicines business on a small scale in the village, the company progressed with his hard working attitude. Later in 1987, he managed to add a line of products to become a soy sauce and chili sauce manufacturer. The development and progress of MUDIM also assisted by his son, Shaarani Bin Zakaria who is now entrusted to take over management of the company.

In the early 20s, Mr. Shaarani has entered the business world with the guidance of his father. Although during that time it is a small operated family business , he was working hard to develop it. He is so committed on his work and determined to succeed in business. After seeing the confidence and determination of his son on the production of soy sauce and sauce for the company, his father gave him encouragement and full support to develop the company. To strengthen himself in the business world, he was committed to attend various courses organized by various agencies such as MARDI, MARA, MADA, FAMA and SIRIM.

To further enhance MUDIM products in the market, Mr. Shaarani has participated in several food products expo organized by the parties concerned. Among the expo are Mihas Expo in Melaka, IAT Expo at the Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur and MAHA Expo in Serdang, Selangor. Consequently, demand for products MUDIM was growing. Requests to MUDIM product not only of the local market but also in overseas markets as well. This proves En. Shaarani has positioned the brand ‘MUDIM’ in the global market.

Thanks to the blessing of his beloved father and mother, their families and all workers of MUDIM who have work hard, now Mr. Shaarani is a successful Bumiputera entrepreneurs who become producers of soy sauce, sauce, and vinegar. He also managed to put the brand ‘MUDIM’ in-line with the other competitors in the market. Even so, he still diligently working to further its business and aims to be the leading producer of soy sauces and chili sauce in Malaysia.

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